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Previous | Next :: Silver Lake :Tomas Transtromer Poetry : Maine | October 17, 2011, 1:54 am

Silver Lake :Tomas Transtromer Poetry : Maine
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Further In

On the main road into the city

when the sun is low.

The traffic thickens, crawls.

It is a sluggish dragon glittering.

I am one of the dragon’s scales.

Suddenly the red sun is

right in the middle of the windscreen

streaming in.

I am transparent

and writing becomes visible

inside me

words in invisible ink

which appear

when the paper is held to the fire!

I know I must get far away

straight through the city and then

further until it is time to go out

and walk far in the forest.

Walk in the footprints of the badger.

It gets dark, difficult to see.

In there on the moss lie stones.

One of the stones is precious.

It can change everything

it can make the darkness shine.

It is a switch for the whole country.

Everything depends on it.

Look at it, touch it…


A poem by Tomas Transtromer ........... did you know he just won the Nobel prize for literature ? :-)........... pretty cool :-)))))))))))))))))))))))


PS........... Robert the hard working owner of a small scrap yard that he worked by himself.......... told me to go to this place to look out over Silver Lake.

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