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Previous | Next :: Heading for the Bright Lights of Brooklyn : Taxi : NYC | October 25, 2011, 2:33 am

Heading for the Bright Lights of Brooklyn : Taxi : NYC
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Looking through the perspex partition at the bright lights of Brooklyn as we arrive....... Im shooting on my fab little Sony NEX 5 over the taxi drivers shoulder ....... This taxi is just dropping off the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn........

We were heading for Brooklyn tonight because H & C were kindly taking me along to a fantastic evening in which BAM celebrated its 150 years of arts and shows in Brooklyn ........... with a night of stars great company and food and drink.......... H was even thanked from the stage for his fantastic advertising skills donated for free by his agency to create a stunning Campaign ............ Yeah the Brooklyn Academy of Music is known for its strong commitment to the arts but I had not known until tonight that the commitment ran back 150 years :-))

Check out their program: if you are within striking distance of Brooklyn you should check out this amazing space committed to adventurous artists audiences and ideas.


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