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Previous | Next :: Global Crisis Personal Crisis : Homeless man Guy Fawkes Mask : City of London | November 3, 2011, 11:25 pm

Global Crisis Personal Crisis : Homeless man Guy Fawkes Mask : City of London
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All the stories on the news are merging into one.......... one big story......... :

Occupy Oakland protestors attempt to shut the giant international port in California ........... Detroit City announces it is on the edge of bankruptcy........ Greece faces social unrest as the government vacillates over accepting the restrictive European Bailout with its required massive austerity program to allow a controlled and structured default .......... Italian debt refinancing requires higher rates pushing Italy towards a Greek style default situation as the debt burden becomes unsustainable .......... French Banks are threatened by their exposure to Greek and Italian Debt........ British Banks by their exposure to Irish debt......... The french President says if the Euro explodes so will Europe........... Occupy The city of London on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral say they will not leave before christmas and maybe not even then..........

This is one giant story about the effects of globalization........ finance does not recognize international borders anymore and nor it seems do the problems that are the fallout from banking practice and the use and misuse of international capital.

Its kind of drastic and depressing on a giant global scale.

It is also depressing and terrible on a small human scale.

I spoke to a friend who was watching people at a soup kitchen in Ireland.

My picture shows a homeless man who has joined the 'Occupy The City of London' movement he is even envious of the 'posh kids and their tents' on the protest outside the Cathedral, never mind the bankers and their mansions. He is against bankers...... of course....... but his is mostly a constant struggle against the cold and with the demons of his alcoholism.


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