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Previous | Next :: Ballistics and Weapons Training : Hostile Environment Training Course: Ascot : UK | November 15, 2011, 11:23 pm

Ballistics and Weapons Training : Hostile Environment Training Course: Ascot : UK
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More from my weeks training course run by the security operation Centurion, Im still here and I have three more days to do. Today, it was a mixture of understanding weaponry in classrooms as you see above, and then dealing with the sometimes horrific results of people being injured by said weapons ...... a good deal of it took place outside in wooded parkland.

We did standard first aid practice, in terms of CPR, but also more specialist first aid that is aimed especially at participants being able to help wounded colleges and maybe even help themselves to survive classic war zone injuries. Interesting and slightly horrific to really consider applying a tourniquet to a colleges leg or even to your own if you were suffering a catastrophic bleed having lost a foot or a leg.

Out in the woods the ex royal Marines had rather convincing fake wounds that spurted blood soaking you and them in blood. They screamed blue murder and thrashed about. They certainly made it rather alarmingly realistic as we first came across them, then started dealing with them amongst the trees.

I enjoyed today, I feel good about refreshing and increasing my first aid knowledge particularly ........ although some of it was a little stressful....... and I got to say did remind me of terrible days I have burned into my memory......... when friends and colleges were bleeding and their wounds were not fake.


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