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Previous | Next :: Rain On Earth Day : The Mall : Washington DC | December 7, 2011, 12:43 am

Rain On Earth Day : The Mall : Washington DC
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Im thinking we should all just agree to be photographed.

I guess I would think that.

But what is the alternative?

We all refuse to be photographed?

We all make it a prior permission only thing?

If anyone ever wants to photograph me I just smile and agree or if I see someone photographing, I just try and get on normally as I would without their presence.

I try not to even ask what they are doing it for or why they want that picture.

Just let them get on with it.

I try to be as I hope to find people myself: open and unafraid.

Any other action really comes from learned and becoming prevalent behavior that associates photography with abuse.

It really isn't.

It's just a fantastic phenomena. An incredible medium that allows you to see frozen moments of the past.

How incredible to be part of an instant history. Part of an artistic rendering of memory and experience.

How sad to have lived in a time before photography.

Photography helps shape our collective experience and our collective memory it is integral to modern thinking.

Both in the big picture..... nationally and internationally....... but also just personally at home with our loved ones.

Don't let yourself become tainted by ideas that try and denigrate this amazing medium.

Don't allow yourself to be persuaded that photography is somehow abusive...... that making a photograph of somebody or something without a prior written legal waiver or model release is inherently abuse.

It just isn't.


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