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Previous | Next :: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton : Syracuse NY | November 7, 2006, 12:02 am

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton : Syracuse NY
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Todays the big day for the mid term elections! Some commentators are predicting a Democratic Party tidal wave.....other commentators I know are not so convinced and think the results might be a bit more of a roller-coaster ride! Here is Hillary out on the stump, she should romp home in the race for her NY Senate seat. She has more problems in positioning herself for a Presidential run against other Democrat's like Barack Obama. She certainly works hard to meet and greet......she looks great if Bill isn't around..... he really is just the most natural politician. Her campaign people were not very helpful.... they never did call back......suddenly I got a call "This is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Im calling you to........" panic sorry what? Why is she herself calling me? then I suddenly's a recording! Its one of those robo calls.... on it she is asking me to vote for her!

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