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State Of Vigilance Zero : Security Training : UK
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I have just watched online the workings of the Levenson Enquiry. How depressing........ no one is speaking up for press freedom....... in the bits I saw........ no one is doing anything but slagging off newspapers and journalism and the representatives of the newspapers are cowering politely.

The bit I saw just now was only concentrating on celebrity coverage and celebrity complaints about photographers.

I just have been watching Paul Silva Picture Editor at the Daily Mail attempting to defend the pictures they ran in as humble and polite away as he could manage. The sneering tone of the lawyers about the interest of the newspaper in the news of the day was starting to make me sick. The whole thing concentrated on celebrity coverage and celebrity complaints as if that was the most important thing in the world .........

Its as if there are no issues of press freedom only issues of politeness to Hugh Grant and of him being allowed to decide which photographs of him should end up in the newspapers......... the state of vigilance on issues that protect and nurture a free society appeared to be zero.

I feel strongly the law and regulation governing the making and use of photographs should be primarily to the benefit of the 62 million British people living in an open society....... not be slanted to the benefit of the 100 or so richest celebrities in the UK...... who want to control which photographs can be shot and published.


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