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Previous | Next :: Economics of the Street : WPO Workshop Led by Jez Coulson : Birmingham UK | January 31, 2012, 1:28 am

Economics of the Street : WPO Workshop Led by Jez Coulson : Birmingham UK
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Here above is the layout for WPO posters and postcards I just received and here below here is a great little press release I saw today after having chatted to M at The World Photography Organization :

Photography enthusiasts in the Midlands will be interested to know Jez Coulson one of the worlds leading 'reportage artists' and photojournalists is coming back to his hometown of Birmingham. Based for the last decade in New York City, Jez Coulson works with and on behalf of the worlds premier magazines and corporations to produce his telling photographs from locations worldwide. In the last two months he has undertaken photography shoots here in the UK and the USA, but also in Germany, Nigeria and Iraq.

This week he is working in Atlanta and Miami, but he will be returning to Birmingham for a short time as part of a series of workshops offered by the World Photography Organization. He will lead a workshop at MAC (Midlands Art Centre) titled: 'The Economics of the Street' from 17th Feb 2012 through to 19th Feb 2012. Anyone with an interest and a camera can join the workshop. See online info and booking

Jez along with the participants will explore photographically the economic activity in the streets of the city where he grew up, producing jointly an exhibition that will be be displayed at MAC. The show will explore the activity of street markets, the traders and the tea wagons, framing the life of the city on its pavements and through its newspaper sellers and ticket touts. Jez said on his cellphone from Georgia :

" Birmingham was where reportage photography all started for me.... It's my hometown...... I am fantastically happy to have been invited to be back in Birmingham..... I am really excited to be able to be involved in the WPO workshop and with the people doing it . Birmingham has great people, brilliant markets, it's a perfect place to shoot 'The Economics of the Street' ".

Since this says it all....... It seems rather churlish to mess with it :-)))))))))))) ......... Basically...... If you are within striking distance of Brum that weekend sign up and come on down........ We are going to make a mighty exhibition :-)) ....... These workshops are always amazing........ I end up totally enthused and find the whole thing fantastically rewarding myself ...... I think people go home feeling that lifted sense of having furthered their capabilities and of having achieved something worthwhile ....... give it a go :-)))


PS....... Here is a fantastically over the top and generous review of my recent New York Workshop...... Diner on the Edge of America ...... by Ed...... AKA The King Of The New York Hacks.......... click here :-))))))))) XXXXXXX

PPS.......... URGENT URGENT........ If you are thinking of coming along i think you have only two days to book getting a spectacular approx 60% off deal through EventBright...... I think that this deal is only open till the 2nd of Feb...... Sorry I only heard of this today myself......... URGENT URGENT............. :-)))))

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