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Previous | Next :: Samantha at RecycleBank Party for 37 : New York City : USA | February 24, 2012, 11:01 pm

Samantha at RecycleBank Party  for 37 : New York City : USA
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This is a picture from last nights a celebration party for the ReCycleBank ........... Those guys were well mega happy......... they have been voted as one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2012. They were number 37 on the list (last year Microsoft was 37!) – so they were pretty psyched to even to be on there at all, considering they are a small startup that rewards people for all sorts of environmental actions. People report their actions on their website, collect points, and use their points for deals and discounts on over 3000 products. So they are kinda like environmental action meets groupon! Save the planet, Save money is kind of what they are all about :-))))))

You should check them out :-))))))

It was a fun party....... everyone was great....... The picture shows Samantha Skey, Chief Revenue Officer happily greeting her guests amongst the throng who have come to celebrate and share in the joy of the celebration of Recyclebank's recognition.

My friend Kate who works at RecyleBank said she thought Samantha was one of the most brilliant people she knew ....... and that it was a privilege to work with such inspiring people ......... struck me as a lovely thing to say....... How fantastic to work with people that inspire you...... especially to be inspired by your colleagues and be doing something incredibly worthy....... Hey thats a nice combination for your work life....... Don't forget to check these guys out .......... :-)))))))))))))))))


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