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Previous | Next :: Tornado Clusters Strike : Joplin : Missouri | March 4, 2012, 10:19 pm

Tornado Clusters Strike : Joplin : Missouri
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I felt sad to see tornado clusters were hitting towns in Indiana and other States again on Friday ........ in fact as many as a dozen States have been affected........ I flew out of Georgia on Friday just as some tornadoes touched down there ....... luckily I was totally unaware and unaffected....... sadly many people have been killed and others drastically affected............ I vividly remember this trip to Joplin Missouri to see the aftermath of a terrible wall of tornado destruction that slammed through that town........ since that trip I have much more respect for the possibility of danger from tornadoes........ and much more genuine sympathy for people affected by them and living in genuine fear of severe weather of this kind.


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