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Previous | Next :: Defcon Hacker : Vegas : Nevada | March 6, 2012, 8:41 pm

Defcon Hacker : Vegas : Nevada
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Weirdly today it was revealed that some computer hacker types appear to have been working with the FBI ? ........ Turning each other in...... having been identified by the authorities.......... Hector Xavier Monsegur said to be the hacker 'Sabu' leader of famed hacker attacks appears to have been cooperating with the FBI....... 'Sabu' is said to have admitted involvement in cyber attacks against the media groups Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) among others....... aparently his cooperation has lead to another 5 others being arrested ........ This shot above is a portrait of an anonymous hacker at the Defcon computer hacker convention in Vegas........ :-)) XXX


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