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Previous | Next :: Face of Occupy London : St Pauls : London | May 13, 2012, 2:27 am

Face of Occupy London  :  St Pauls : London
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It's certainly not over in Europe. This crisis has not passed yet. Greece is teetering on the edge of breaking out of the Euro monetary system and defaulting on its loans. A government has still not been formed a week after the results of the Greek general election.

Masses of chanting "indignant" activists poured into the streets across Spain yesterday in a vast show of strength one year on from igniting a global protest against economic injustice.

Tens of thousands are still packed into Madrid's central Puerta del Sol square, the emblematic birthplace of their popular movement against inequality, sky-high unemployment and spending cuts that have shaken their political establishment.

Riot police are standing by to try and prevent protestors camping and reinstating the 'Occupation' by staying beyond the midnight deadline.

This is not over yet.


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