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Previous | Next :: Fall at Halsey Pond : Irvington Westchester : NY | November 18, 2006, 12:01 am

Fall at Halsey Pond : Irvington Westchester : NY
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Halsey Pond in Autumn......This was always my favorite place and time of year when I lived out there in the recent past. The Fall and in fact all of the seasons..... they are just so amazingly pronounced out there.......sometimes living in England you would be hard pressed to know what season it actually was...... especially in London..... but in Westchester County you always knew.........either you were knee deep in Autumn leaves, Winter snow, or Spring flowers and in the Summer you had to be at least knee deep in a swimming pool to cool down! NY weather is so drastic too, so hot and then also so cold, sometimes mega storms, again much more drastic than England. Its a lovely part of the world but a trifle expensive! I felt a little nostalgic for it all on this trip back out there.

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