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Previous | Next :: Smoking on The Roof at Midnight : Rabat : Morocco | June 24, 2012, 1:32 pm

Smoking on The Roof at Midnight : Rabat : Morocco
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Last night at midnight I was up on the roof of this old hotel. Finally there was a cooling movement of air, almost a breeze after the intense heat of the day. This was a grand old building with a slightly fading beauty and just a hint of decay. I was six stories up looking out across Rabat. This was not a public balcony but a maintanance access. The roof had no guard rails. I was up with big 1950's neon signs for the hotel and the ancient and the groaning elevator machinery. The guy a hotel employee was up on the roof doing his muslim prayer. After he had finished he sat and smoked a cigarette below the neon signs right on the edge of the six storey drop.


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