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Previous | Next :: Faux News : We Distort - You Comply : Bronx NYC | November 21, 2006, 2:24 am

Faux News : We Distort  - You Comply : Bronx NYC
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Here is one I shot today for 'school boy lefty Pete' who I can picture striking a blow for the revolution with his marker pen.......... I thought it was quiet funny even though I don't really approve of graffiti or dismissing people because of who you think they are....... or what you think their views are........especially journalists. (check out School boy lefty Pete's comments at the bottom of a page on this blog click back a few using previous button to see Sunday, Nov 5 -- Is There Anybody There? : Penn Station NYC) I shot this picture above on the train to Connecticut (its a long story)......... someone had vandalized the poster we were facing on the train........ after staring at it for sometime...... in the end I decided to make this image.

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