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Previous | Next :: Gold Miners : Reef : South Africa | August 21, 2012, 8:36 pm

Gold Miners : Reef : South Africa
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I see the Platinum mining Company Lonmin has lifted its threat to dismiss miners that did not return to work today. The managers have now agreed to meet the strikers. They had said anyone who remained on strike would be sacked. The ANC government had raised doubts about the correctness of this policy.... after all this is an official week of mourning for the 34 striking miners shot and killed by the police just before the weekend.............. The whole incident felt so reminiscent of the bad old days of apartheid.......... In fact some of the issues for many of the miners remain the same as ever .......... The new South Africa has not changed so much for them as they struggle for decent wages and power over their lives......... I read this by my old mate photographer Greg Marinovich he gives some of the history of how all this terrible violence comes about. It seems so terribly sad that the new South Africa still has horrific incidents like this.


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