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Previous | Next :: Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina : New Orleans : Seven Years Ago | August 27, 2012, 8:20 pm

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina : New Orleans : Seven Years Ago
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Seven years after Katrina ....... almost to the day.......... Another tropical storm expected to become a hurricane anytime is bearing down on New Orleans and threatening the whole Gulf coast of Louisiana . This one is called Isaac. Heres hoping those 200 mph winds and the accompanying tidal surge stay far off shore...... but that is not likely...... it is looking a bit tricky for Louisiana right now ...... New Orleans especially....... and incredibly it is expected to strike on the actual anniversary......... seven years to the day that Katrina came ashore causing mass devastation. I hope all the people are better prepared so they can stay safe this time.

See the expected storm track and the problems Isaac has already caused

Matt and I were in New Orleans just after Katrina when I shot this picture above. So shocking...... so sad.


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