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Very Small Captain America with Romney Sign : North Carolina : USA
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I am saddened to see an outbreak of religious extremist inspired violence. The killing of the American Ambassador to Libya really is a disgusting act.

When you think that the murder of an honored and supposedly especially legally protected guest, like an ambassador is done in the name of the Prophet surely that brings more dishonor and insult to the faith and to the followers of the Prophet than any rubbish amateur video ever could.

Apparently religious extremists in the US made the controversial video ......... possibly extremist Christians......... although I have not seen convincing reporting about its source ........... But anyway the video is hardly relevant............ the film is a poor excuse of an amateur video ............ amongst trillions of hours of poor amateur video on the you tube site ......... It could easily be just ignored like the rest ........ It would cause offense to no one as no one would ever see it .......... I understand it had already been up for months causing no offense because no one was even aware of it .........

But of course it serves religious extremists of Islam to make a giant issue of their insult when they became aware of the possibility of bringing it to the worlds attention ......... They fall on these things with glee and publicize them ......... to ramp up frenzied hatred in their supporters.

So next thing we have violence and killing as a reaction to the leadership manufactured insult ......... so depressing.

The photo above is a very very small 'Captain America' with a Romney sign. I made this image trailing Romney in North Carolina.

It seemed kind of appropriate because Mitt Romney really misread things trying to score political points off Obama when the national tragedy of the killing of the Ambassador and the other Americans was announced. I myself winced at the content and timing of his remarks. An attack on America especially one like this bringing a tragic result normally earns solidarity with the President even from political opponents.

I read Andrew Sullivan in the Sunday Times saying he thinks this is the moment when Romney proved he was not up to being President. Sullivan thinks this is the tipping point....... that with this ill judged political attack on Obama in the moment of national shock and mourning Romney has lost himself the election.


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