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Previous | Next :: Scooter on 23rd : 8th Av and 23rd St : NYC | November 27, 2006, 12:03 am

Scooter on 23rd : 8th Av and 23rd St : NYC
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I used to have one of these little scooters when I was in London ....... they were just becoming all the rage with the introduction of congestion charging was sort of great they are very nippy ........ but you had to spend ages fiddling with locks ......if you left it with only one lock someone would try and steal it ........ usually just resulting in them mangling the I say it was sort of great and you could really zap through the traffic if you had the nerve....... but it was difficult to take camera gear with you...... I had some panniers..... but even so ...... I would sometimes have to turn jobs down cos it was to far away or you didn't have the kit with you.. when you came into the office by scooter instead of by was sort of great sort of not. Anyway I was thinking of having it shipped to NYC when I was moving here.........but then when I was here I literally never saw a single one in NYC and hardly a proper motorbike....... so you'd be completely on your own contending with all those yellow cabs on your tiny little scooter......... and the cabs would not be expecting to see you and not driving in a particularly disciplined way ..... so in the end I thought noooooo I sold it in London.......... but I see now one or two have made it to the scary streets of Manhattan!!!

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