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Previous | Next :: 50 Years On From The Cuban Missile Crisis : Havana : Cuba | October 16, 2012, 11:14 pm

50 Years On From The Cuban Missile Crisis : Havana : Cuba
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As I write this I am taking the train rolling up the east coast of the US close to the sea. The train is the Boston train from New York City, it makes the iconic horn sound of American trains known to us all from a thousand movies. America has a sort of historic relationship with trains but an active affair with cars and planes. Its nice to sometimes take the train but I only really take them from NYC to Boston or to DC, basically in this north east corridor they are pretty good. It all gets a bit more wobbly elsewhere. The autumnal sun is flashing in my eyes as strobes through trees and power lines. Summer has well and truly left up here in the North its cold but bright. Its nice to be back in New England especially at this time of year.


PS......... I wrote this on the train but have not been able to get online ......... even on the train which nominally had wifi .......... and I kind of dropped off the grid up here in the North here for the next couple of days ........ and even now I am only getting only the slightest hint of connectivity......... so hopefully you can see this post before I get cut off.................

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