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Previous | Next :: End of the Day Romney Supporters Truck : Columbus : Ohio | November 5, 2012, 1:54 am

End of the Day Romney Supporters Truck : Columbus : Ohio
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These guys have been outside the early voting station in Franklin County Columbus Ohio for 14 days already. I can't help feeling some of their signs might alienate wavering but potential voters. They do not contemplate this, they are certain of the correctness of their causes. I feel the appeal to vote for job creation is a successful message at this final stage, surely everyone wants more jobs and a better economy. But the stigmatizing of gay people and anyone contemplating an abortion is surely likely to alienate a significant number of people waiting on the line. Mostly they stood around and chatted and displayed their signs...... sometimes these guys became very vocal and somewhat aggressive ....... They were always very polite to me ....... But they really yelled at some Obama supporters ......... here in the shot they are packing away for the night but they will be back at 7 AM tomorrow.


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