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Previous | Next :: General Petraus How The Mighty Have Fallen : Fort Leavenworth : Kansas | November 13, 2012, 1:54 am

General Petraus How The Mighty Have Fallen : Fort Leavenworth : Kansas
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Well, it looks like the old saying is true the bigger they are the harder they fall..........

I met with and photographed Gen.Petraus just as he was about to take over as the commander in Iraq, then he was back in Washington then back out to Afghanistan to run that war ......... finally he was back in Washington to become the Director of the CIA..........these are really the top military and finally spy commands......... Having been the most admired, successful and disciplined of soldiers his whole career he seems to have come to a pretty disreputable undisciplined end. He was exposed in having an affair with his biographer and forced to resign. Seems tragic at least on a personal level ........ and there might be more politics and scandal in all this too according to todays New York Daily News.

I always feel sorry for people who crash out ........ I guess I am just not that judgmental ........ I'm also feeling sorry for George Entwistle the now departed Director General of the BBC who seems to have just not been able to keep this BBC child abuse 'reporting /not reporting' thing under control at BBC's Newsnight ......... after a meteoric career of building up to finally becoming the DG of the BBC sadly he only lasted 54 days before he was forced to resign .............. sad on a personal level for him........ OK sadly Newsnight humiliated itself and the rest of the BBC on his watch ........ but even so he seemed like he was a decent well intentioned bloke if a bit of a prisoner of proceedure :-( I know people were calling for his blood ......... but I can't help feeling a tad sorry for him........

The Aljazeerah view....... not often i link Aljazeera instead of the BBC :-)))


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