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Previous | Next :: Hats Off To The King Of The New York Hacks : NYC : USA | January 10, 2013, 9:12 pm

Hats Off To The King Of The New York Hacks : NYC : USA
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This is my fave thing that I have read on the internet this year, it was on the facebook group for of all the folks who have attended the workshops I have led :

"Jez inspired me through his workshop last year and I took about 100,000 photos in 2012...unreal for me..Here are a few pics in a vid to show I'm still working to be a better photog, Cheers all and have a great New Year !!! ~ Eddie #KONYH !!!"

Then I looked at the vid........ just amazing....... a tear came to my eye.......... hehehehehe......... :-)))))))))))))))) Congratulations King amazing !!!!!!!!!

You know I have led very few workshops but the few I have done ... always with the WPO ... have put me in contact with some really great people and through their excitement to learn and enthusiasm for photography... I always feel renewed in mine. Eddie ..... King of the New York Hacks .... is certainly one of those great people who's enthusiasm and amazing leaps forward in the standard of his work made that workshop genuinely a brilliant experience for me.


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