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Previous | Next :: Crucified in Easterhouse : Glasgow : Scotland | January 29, 2013, 11:23 pm

Crucified in Easterhouse : Glasgow : Scotland
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Matt just drew my attention to the use of this picture above. I made it on the Easterhouse Estate in Scotland.... an iconic place on the edge of Glasgow. Its nice for me to see the photograph getting such prominent use especially in Scotland ...... especially in Hollyrood the magazine highlighting the important social issues and current affairs pertinent in Scotland :-)))

Luckily for me...... I am not in a Scottish winter myself right now. I am here working in Florida today and tomorrow :-))))) . It was hot and sunny today ........ I was recently back in Britain for some snow and also just a couple of days back I was ducking out of Tennessee trying to avoid a bit of an ice storm ....... yeah i was glad of some warm sunshine today hehehehe ......... not that I had anytime to kick back and enjoy it ........ we are on a tight shooting and travel schedule engineered by Matt in accordance with our client's wishes ......... We did actually see the sea ....... but by then it was dark .......... oh well..... I guess you can't have it all. :-))))))))))))


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