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Previous | Next :: Valentines Rose : Bogota Plain : Colombia | February 14, 2013, 9:25 pm

Valentines Rose : Bogota Plain : Colombia
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Valentines day comes round again in a whirl of roses and romance as ever............ well not for everyone....... I was so depressed to see the blade runner Para Olympics athlete Oscar Pistorius had shot and killed his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp ....... Vile and ultimately depressing any day....... Even more totally wrong on Valentines Day ........ For someone like me it seems another great example of why not to keep guns in your house....... :-((

Cheers Jez XXXXXXX

PS...... According to United Nations research, South Africa has one of the highest firearm-related homicide rates in the world, second only to Colombia where I shot this picture above of the rose. On that trip to Columbia, I had only been on the ground 5 mins, I had not even left the airport, when I saw my first burst of machine gun fire, casually discharged into the air to make taxi drivers move their vehicles in a hurry.

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