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Previous | Next :: Iowa Burning : Center Point : Iowa | April 27, 2013, 5:34 am

Iowa Burning : Center Point : Iowa
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This is Dennis S working on scheduled maintenance of his land. He is helping the professional property stewards who he has hired ........ the burning guys.

Periodically he is contractually obliged to burn the prairie grass on his land. So this was the big day. The burning team lead by Ryan G were incredibly impressive they moved methodically to carry out a very controlled burn. Still it is absolutely amazing to be so close to such a very large fire. I would be simply too afraid to be this close up to a massive amount of flame without being in the company of these mega professionals, they so clearly had it all under control, even though there really was a lot on fire. Whats more they were all incredibly nice blokes. All very welcoming to me watching them at work. Dennis himself just invited us on to his land to watch all the drama after a quick conversation to ask his permission, he seemed delighted to have the event recorded by a passing photographer. I have to say I found them all to amazingly friendly even while at the same time they were all seriously concentrating on keeping the fire under control.

It really is one of the great privileges of my life to be invited to see amazing spectacles like this in real life and in close-up. But also one of the amazing privileges in my life is just to drop in and meet a bunch of great people like Dennis, Ryan, Scott, Danny and Ron and hang with them for an afternoon.


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