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Previous | Next :: Son of Man : Canterbury Cathedral : Kent UK | May 30, 2013, 7:18 pm

Son of Man : Canterbury Cathedral : Kent UK
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I went to the funeral of the father of a dear friend. A very sad occasion obviously. My friend's father was very closely associated with The Salvation Army and the service was led by a friend of his in the Salvation Army and also attended by many others of his friends and family in their uniforms. They have a lovely expression for a Salvationist who has passed away ......... they say he has been "Promoted to Glory".

After the service at the crematorium and the lovely gathering of friends and family at The Salvation Army Hall in Canterbury I went for a walk around the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral on my own ....... I felt a little down ......... I made this picture above of an art work by David McFall in the Cathedral Precincts ....... The piece is called the 'Son of Man'.


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