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The Home of the Tame Mountain Lion : Monte Vista : Colorado
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This slightly peculiar image above needed something off-the-wall ......... Something you just don't normally get on Jezblog ? ..........hmmmmm ....... What about this below from a slightly off-the-wall friend of mine in the bible belt ? ......... He sent this sent to me tonight on facebook as part of a discussion regarding 'The Holy Bible by Broomberg and Chanarin' ....... Mighty artists who have really done something pretty amazing and certainly off-the-wall to the King James Bible ....... I went to the launch party the other day and am the proud owner of a signed copy ..........

Anyway my friend wrote this:

"Part of the difficulty in reading the Bible is the genre matters. Parts of the Bible are written like old Westerns. The "villain" is not given fair, historical treatment, because that's not the point of the story. And parts of the Bible are written from the perspective of providence, as if God were behind everything, good and bad. There is a theological tension in the Bible between the claim that God sends the rain on the good and bad alike, and the claim that God grieves over the loss of even one little sparrow.

When trying to talk about Transcendence, regardless of whether you even think that Transcendence exists, one runs up again linguistic hurdles. Physicists run into the same problem when trying to talk about the universe, as it really is, to those of us whose ideas of big are limited to the distance between North Carolina and London. Our everyday words just won't suffice.

One can read the Bible as a big bad bully in the sky who makes lists of rules and then punishes people for not following them, but I don't think it is a very fair or nuanced reading. It is a popular reading, but I think that has as much to do with our human tendency to want to divide the world into two easy camps of good and bad: Americans good/Foreigners bad, Christians good/Non-Christians bad, or Non-Christians good/Christians bad... The Bible is much more nuanced."

I think that just about says it all about plastic stags too ............ they maybe involved in symbolic transcendence? But Im not sure? ......... but whatever happens any response to a plastic stag needs to be sort of nuanced........... :-)))) XXXXXXX


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