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Previous | Next :: Taxi Repair at Midnight : West Side Highway : NYC | December 10, 2006, 9:45 am

Taxi Repair at Midnight : West Side Highway : NYC
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A peek behind the scenes into the hidden life of Taxi's. Matt and I went for a stroll in the hours between midnight and 4AM we walked up to the taxi repair shops and car washes that specifically service cab's.They work in the middle of the night so the taxis can keep rolling during their most profitable hours. It was a funny mixture of casual welcome from most garage guys and ferocious attack from the up tight few. I love people who hardly even look up from their engine and casually say: "Sure, help yourself!" at a request to walk around and make some photographs.... not even concerning themselves with why you want them, who you are or what you might do with them......those guys.....I love 'em. I hate all the exaggerated permission process' or 'application for access' proceeders that some organizations go in for. I just love the : 'just help yourself types' best, but I prefer to deal with an irate mechanic running at you with his adjustable-spanner held high than a full written procedure that will be adjudicated at the next access and openness board meeting that normally just means no anyway......but wastes a ton of your time!

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