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Previous | Next :: Dawn in Blackout Manhattan : 23rd St : NYC | August 21, 2013, 9:14 pm

Dawn in Blackout Manhattan : 23rd St : NYC
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This month is apparently the 10 year anniversary of the giant blackout in New York City ........ Weirdly, I remember that erie sensation as the city absolutely closed down into complete darkness ..... like it was only yesterday :-)) ......... well not quite ........ but a whole decade? Wow ... amazing how time zaps by when you are having fun.

More recently of course half the city was in darkness following Hurricane Sandy. That was an all together more tragic event. During some of that I was in lower Manhattan watching the taxis rolling in the blackout as you see above ....... This is dawn light starting to creep back into the pitch dark of aftermath lower Manhattan.

Anyway, the City seemed to come through the recent incredible heat wave without too much obvious problem in terms of its power supply. Although I heard ominous chatter on the radio of blackouts and brownouts ......... apparently during some of those blistering 100 degree days with ultra high humidity, we NYC folks were sucking record amounts of power for our air conditioning systems.

But now the temperatures have fallen to much pleasanter levels so the strain on power grid is falling away.

Partly to avoid being way too hot in the City, I had been kicking back on the beaches of the Hamptons :-)) . So I have been kinda recharging my batteries ready for more high demand days myself ........ hehehehe......... :-)))



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