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Hot Subway Sleep : L train at 14th : NYC
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I took the L train to Brooklyn today. I went to see Philip Riley of Skink Ink.......... What a fine bloke ........ What a mighty set up that is ......... personal, fast and efficient ......... really high quality work and reasonably priced .......... Amazing all round......... highly highly recommend if you are seeking high quality art prints in NYC .......

I shot this woman sleeping down on 14th St on the L platform on my way to Skink ........... It was a hot day........ I guess sometimes you just need to catch a little rest........... :-))) XXXXXXXX


Subway Seethe BY J. ALLYN ROSSER

What could have been the big to-do

that caused him to push me aside

on that platform? Was a woman who knew

there must be some good even inside

an ass like him on board that train?

Charity? Frances? His last chance

in a ratty string of last chances? Jane?

Surely in all of us is some good.

Better love thy neighbor, buddy,

lest she shove back. Maybe I should.

It's probably just a cruddy

downtown interview leading to

some cheap-tie, careerist, dull

cul-de-sac he's speeding to.

Can he catch up with his soul?

Really, what was the freaking crisis?

Did he need to know before me

if the lights searching the crowd's eyes

were those of our train, or maybe

the train of who he might have been,

the person his own-heart-numbing,

me-shoving anxiety about being

prevents him from ever becoming?

How has his thoughtlessness defiled

who I was before he shoved me?

How might I be smiling now if he'd smiled,

hanging back, as though he might have loved me?


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