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Previous | Next :: Sunset Train : Delaware: NYC to DC Amtrak Train | December 14, 2006, 12:25 am

Sunset Train : Delaware: NYC to DC Amtrak Train
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OK..... so I was kinda overdosing on Yellow Cabs........ I've become totally obsessed by them...... er ... I thought Id better get out of town...... change of scene..... try not to think about know..... but I haven't quite been able to give up those movement pan blurs....... its kinda rare to see this technique applied to a sunset...... but hey I like to break with convention. These shots from trains require a reverse pan as it were cos you are moving on the train and trying to keep say the tree silhouettes reasonably sharp....... I've done a pile of these from moving subway look like you are practicing your golf swing as you zap through stations on the express trains..... but its rare for me to try it on Amtrack while taking in a a great sunset as the train rolls South through Delaware for DC..... I am kinda pleased with the result not really my usual thing but sort of almost Turner-esque.

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