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Previous | Next :: English Defence League Pig : London : UK | November 2, 2013, 8:54 pm

English Defence League Pig : London : UK
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Well, I have been hanging out with the EDL in the UK for the Sunday Times Magazine. The English Defence League is regarded by most as the inheritor of the mantle of the NF, National Front and The BNP, British National Party. Basically they are high street fascists. They are an intimidating lot, no doubt very frightening as they arrive on mass at the Muslim communities that their marches target. I was working with Camilla Long the famed Sunday Times writer she found humanity, humor and tragedy in the individual stories of EDL supporters as well as the grim stuff you might expect. It is a fascinating insightful read ......... Well worth getting a copy of the Sunday Times Magazine today to read that article and see my mighty front cover :-)) ..........


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