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Previous | Next :: Men and Machines : Subway System : NYC | December 3, 2013, 5:57 pm

Men and Machines : Subway System : NYC
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I was sad to see there was a fatal rail crash just next to the Harlem River coming in to New York. At different times both Matt and I have lived out in Westchester so we have both taken that line into the City down the river often. Its really sad that four people died and many others are very badly injured. It all seems closer because its on a section of line we know so well. The crash must have been on Matt's mind too......... he just sent me this........ something I shot for the MTA back in the days of film....... Images that reflect the complications and demands on the people maintaining and running New York's amazing public transport systems..... you see them here maintaining and servicing the rolling stock and the track to make sure all is working and safe ...... shot to show the integration of the people and the system they are running ........ when you think of all the movements of trains and subways and buses moving millions of people all day everyday its amazing there as few incidents as there are ...... mainly thanks to these workers..... This is a Metro North accident not MTA ...... But of course when public transport accidents do happen they are always devastating and totally out of the blue for anyone touched by them, so very sad. :-(


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