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Previous | Next :: Blue Cross : Arlington National Cemetery : Virginia | December 15, 2006, 1:16 am

Blue Cross : Arlington National Cemetery : Virginia
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I was thinking I might get time to take a look at the Wreaths Across America Annual Wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery while I was up here in DC..... but I was pretty busy... so I thought I'll just go myself and see the graves with the holiday wreaths donated by the Worcester Wreath Company...... later in the day... after the ceremony was over......... er......but it was a little to late in the day by the time I actually got down there....... In fact it was pretty well pitch dark. So my pictures such as they not really show the wreaths as planned......the decorated section of cemetery was for the Veterans of World War two men who fought the Nazis, but you see that some soldiers at least... fought in World War two and went on to fight in Korea and Vietnam..... heavy stuff. It is a very sobering place to walk through even in the day....... but at night it is even more so.

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