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Previous | Next :: Reflections of a Hidden Sunset : Whittman : Maryland | December 18, 2006, 1:02 am

Reflections of a Hidden Sunset : Whittman : Maryland
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I was kinda busy on all sorts of tasks today notably driving to Maryland and what with one thing and another I only managed to actually photograph at all for five minutes all day.... so this was a relatively good return against the time invested. I was at the dock at Tillman looking from the car.....I got out walked to the end of the kind of abandoned looking dock to look at the amazing reflection....... colleges were waiting in the car to roll back to DC...... the car engine was still running.... I had to get on with it....... and yet when I looked at this amazingly still and quiet place....I was not hassled or stressed.... I was was cool..... in fact it was very cold ...... when I felt OK/good about the image I had made I walked back to get the warmth of the car.....then I saw a really big cat.....I thought hey thats a great cat...... I could have a cat-pic-duel with Schmee at Thinsite........ but the chubby cat was not having it so that was my days photography over.

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