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Previous | Next :: Subway Vent Sidewalk Grill : 6th Av and 53rd St : NYC | December 19, 2006, 1:00 am

Subway Vent Sidewalk Grill : 6th Av and 53rd St : NYC
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This is shot on Scala. I went through a phase of this stuff...... B&W transparency direct positive not negative film.....its odd stuff....... weirdly contrasty and flat all at once.....the trannys themselves I always thought look just great but some labs had problems printing or scanning them......though not Duggal the mega pro custom lab on 23rd main lab in NYC..... (I used Metro in London for most stuff and Protocol for Scala)...... but I haven't used Scala on a proffessional job for a while now.....last time I did I had to shoot approx 200 rolls down in Sau Paulo Brazil.......I called Duggal to check how long it would take to process the film when I got back.......they say a week?........normally its a question of 3 to 4 hours for a big week?.... are you kidding my clients need it the next day?!? Anyway it turns out Duggal are not processing Scala film anymore......a lab in Miami will have to do it for them.....when I get into discussion it appears Scala can only be processed in Miami or Paris.....thats it....... then I suddenly know its all over for film......its time to get serious about digital photography.....for that Brazil shoot I had to fly back via Miami spend a day down there getting the film processed......sadly I was the last of the mohicans still using scala film..... and now I have broken with the ways of my ancestors and even I have never used it again on a professional shoot.

I love these subway vent grills in the NYC sidewalk......Scala is the perfect medium to use but not if you are in a hurry.

Cheers Jez XX

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