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Previous | Next :: Trees in Fog : Britain at Christmas : Leamington Warwickshire UK | December 28, 2006, 6:41 pm

Trees in Fog : Britain at Christmas : Leamington Warwickshire UK
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Ah yes the joy of home...... I managed to just get back just in time to see my Mum and Dad for Christmas.... England is a marvelous place of course..... and you certainly remember it fondly when you are away.... but when you get back at this time of year.. reality strikes.....the freezing fog the travel deadlock..... ah yes Britain at its wouldn't be Christmas in England without a bit of freezing fog and total travel chaos... all is as you would expect with Brits moaning bitterly about their Prime Minister, Tony Blair, heading for the sun and staying in Robin Gibb's Mansion in Miami ......... maybe term limits are a good idea ....... 10 years in power seems to insulate leading politicians from the obvious fact that all self respecting bitter Brits are always gonna hate them if they go anywhere sunny at Christmas...... especially while the masses are dealing with the traditional terrible visibility and festive traffic gridlock and airport lock downs-!!

This is the scene 50 feet down the muddy lane opposite my folks house.. the rolling Warwickshire countryside..... you will notice..... is somewhat obscured by the fog...... and its pretty dark anyway this is shot at 640ASA at f4 at 0.5 sec's at approx. 4-00 in the afternoon! (handheld Chantal!!! and the trouble is there is nothing to lean on in fields-!!)

The other thing about Britain is its so hard to find a wireless network.... well it is out here... close to my folks in the little Warwickshire towns of Rugby and Leamington......even Northampton seems to lack a reasonably equipped Starbucks or the equivalent British tea shop......thanks to the Draycott Hotel for supplying what appears to be the only publicly available access to the internet for miles around!!!

Er.......I am only messing ......Its great to be back really......Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone checking out the blog....... and thanx........ especially to everyone who has taken time to comment...... and of course thanx to Matt for putting up the last image.

Cheers have a good one!! Jez XX

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