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Previous | Next :: Upper East Side Doorman : NYC : Posted Oxford UK | December 31, 2006, 7:52 am

Upper East Side Doorman : NYC : Posted Oxford UK
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Im still hanging in the UK ....... weather is marginally better you will be glad to know Matt .... it involves gales not fog now...... you are right about bad weather Chantal ... I really like to shoot mad rain in the city .....fog can be cool..... and I think fog is certainly more appealing to a photographer than todays weather ....... but its probably a lot more dangerous to motorway drivers so I guess gale force winds are an improvement for most. Im in a coffee bar in Oxford now this place is quintessentially old England and great with it..... I'll have to see if i get a moment to shoot something.....right now Im about to post an image I found hanging about in my computer and its appearing for no good reason other than I just found it.....i shot it a while back on Scala in NYC on the upper East Side.... its just random.... (as people like to say in the States much to the annoyance of my mate Andy aparently Im catching some US linguistics)....

Hey its nearly that time again..... Happy New Year !!!!

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