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Previous | Next :: Stone Stallions and Shoppers : Upper East Side : NYC | January 9, 2007, 1:12 am

Stone Stallions and Shoppers :  Upper East Side  :  NYC
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Here's another on E6 film... although I don't know why I shot this on film....... its so much easier to shoot reflections on digital...... that was one of the main revelations to me..... I never wanted to shoot digital...... and then when I finally did.....I found that I could really widen my repertoire of achievable images...... especially involving slow shutters, blur, movement and reflection mixed lighting ambitious hand held no light stuff.... etc etc in a pile of ways digital makes life much easier. Now when Im shooting film I spend a lot of time aimlessly starring at the back of the camera before remembering there is no check screen on a film camera.

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