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Previous | Next :: Iraq Surge for the Trash : National Mall : DC | January 28, 2007, 12:37 am

Iraq Surge for the Trash : National Mall : DC
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I zapped down to the big 'Stop the War on Iraq Peace Demo' on the National Mall at the end of the day today...... I would have liked to be there earlier but i was still on the road from yesterdays assignments. It was clearing up by then so I'd missed the masses and the big speakers......but I always like the aftermath of parades marches and demos..... I remember once speaking to the celebrated veteran photographer Jane Bown who had worked on the Observer (UK National Sunday Paper) for something crazy like 40 years at that point.....I was brand new..... she said the trick to photographing marches/parades/protests was either to be there very early for the set up.... or very late for the aftermath.....deadlines often mean you cannot hang out for ever...... but she is right.... something revealing can happen by staying on......sometimes something more human ......certainly not the planned face of the protest.

Cheers Jez XX

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