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Previous | Next :: Pot Hole Hell : 1st Av at the UN : NYC | January 31, 2007, 12:29 am

Pot Hole Hell : 1st Av at the UN : NYC
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Here is something you don't see everyday. The driver is making a run for it after his car got stuck in a massive pot hole (right outside the United Nations building on 1st Avenue) in the middle of New York City traffic. I laughed when I first moved to the States and I saw people driving Hummers round Manhattan but with the state of the roads here, I see for the first time maybe they are right....... Hummer is the way for City driving !......... this just might turn out to be the justification all those 4x4 drivers need!

Anyway finally Im back in NYC having left DC earlier today.... but joy of joys Matt now says I have to leave already.... and go back to DC. I've got to shoot something back down in Virginia on Thursday so its all the way back South tomorrow and then shoot something else in Rhode Island on Friday so its immediately all the way back up North. Its suddenly got very busy......somehow we have to fit in trips to Dublin, London, LA, Wisconsin, Atlanta and a pile of other places all in the next few days? it's up to Matt to organize it.....all I have to do is keep shooting like crazy and try to stick to the schedule.

Cheers Jez XX

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