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Previous | Next :: Howard's Last Day : Blue Irish Pub : 3rd Av NYC | February 4, 2007, 1:25 am

Howard's Last Day : Blue Irish Pub : 3rd Av NYC
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I missed Howard's last big Friday night out..... but I did catch up with him for a swifty with the crew on Tuesday night ..... his last day at the agency. H is off to Guatemala to hang out for a couple of months and is consequently taking time-out from Garstang 19 Mega Advertising...... they are gonna miss him big time...... not only is he a great Art Director.... he is an all round cool guy.....and a great laugh (as you can see!)..... Today he is flying out...... Hey good Luck Howard have fun! you get all your shots?

Cheers Jez XX

PS I've done my shoot in Providence Rhode Island Im now off back to NYC for a couple of hours then on to DC.....then on to Atlanta etc etc.....the blogging might get a little patchy!

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