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Previous | Next :: Taxi 101 : Heading North on 3rd Av : NYC | February 8, 2007, 2:35 am

Taxi 101 : Heading North on 3rd Av : NYC
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Im not sure this is such a fantastic image ..... I it made when I was in NYC......... maybe it was just the shock of it.....but there it was taxi 101......thats the cab I feel like I'm riding in!

Anyway weirdly I am now in Madison Wisconsin....... where with windchill the temp is minus 17.....I was working all day in Atlanta then dashed for a flight to Chicago at 8PM then ran across the airport there to make my connection...... according to my computer its now 2:40 AM but I think on central time its only !:40 ..... which is sort of better I guess... Im still downloading cards cos I have another shoot here at 8-00AM today/tomorrow ...... why do I wear the sunglasses?...... clearly..... I need the dark glasses to hide the matching dark rings under my eyes!

Cheers Jez XX

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