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Previous | Next :: Plastic Deer Gather to the Flag : Madison : Wisconsin | February 9, 2007, 12:58 am

Plastic Deer Gather to the Flag : Madison : Wisconsin
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It was seriously cold today....... you had to think it was a good shot if you were gonna get out of the car... These plastic deer with a Virgin Mary statue are gathered to the flag on a lawn on University Avenue in Madison. It seemed a bizarre site...... interesting enough to stop and get out and to even justifying my standing in the deep snow in my inadequate shoes..... er..... although while doing it I was beginning to wonder. At some points during the day the temp' was supposed to be at minus 17 with the wind chill included....... it felt like it was that temperature at the moment I shot this..... the end of the day sunlight certainly resolutely warmed and illuminated only the flag.

cheers Jez XX

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