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Previous | Next :: Taxi Abstract #2 : 34th and 7th : NYC | February 18, 2007, 12:08 pm

Taxi Abstract #2 : 34th and 7th :  NYC
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Yeah finally Im back in NYC....... after almost 3 weeks on the road......a bit a of a sleep in this morning the order of the day. Managed to shoot the job in Florida without Greg and half the lighting kit as Greg didn't manage to arrive on Friday till 6PM thanks to an unholy mix of snow in NYC and Delta Airlines... the kit arrived at Palm Beach not Ft L....... yeah Greg finally arrived at Fort Lauderdale after two days of trying but missed the job after having to drive over to Palm Beach Airport and back to get the gear....... ah the joy of it all.... anyway hopefully I should get a couple of days to kick back and feed my yellow cab is a mad abstract taxi vision from 34th Street.

Cheers Jez XX

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