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Previous | Next :: Poll Tax Riot #2 : Trafalgar Square : London | February 22, 2007, 2:13 am

Poll Tax Riot #2 : Trafalgar Square : London
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Weirdly I am still here in Lincoln Nebraska....... it's a long I've been witnessing and making pictures of heart operations....... weird, cool and drastic all at once.

Here is another image from the battle of Trafalgar(SEE PREVIOUS POST) (from a JC/Insight library disk of police shots) where anti-poll tax protesters clashed with the police in central London........ back in the day......when Mrs Thatcher was the leader of she was honored with the the unveiling of a more than life size statue of her at the House's of recognize her contribution to British political life and her achievement in being Britain's first woman Prime Minister.

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