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Previous | Next :: Blood on the Streets : Virginia Tech Campus : Blacksburg Virginia | April 22, 2007, 12:00 am

Blood on the Streets : Virginia Tech Campus : Blacksburg Virginia
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"Mr. Coulson,

My name is Daniel L, and I am a photographer/journalist for Blacksburg High School. I met you Tuesday evening on Virginia Tech Campus, and you gave me your business card. Due to the sudden surge of media that occurred because of the events that took place here, my colleagues and I are doing a section in our next publication about the media's reaction to covering an event like this. You see, normally, it is us that tells the story of the public, but we are interested in telling the story behind the storytellers.

We were wondering if at some point you could share some reflections on covering the tragedy that occurred here at Virginia Tech. With photographers and media coming from all over the world, we would like to examine some of the different experiences that they have had in a town that is not accustomed to the media coverage seen in the past few days. It is not necessary for you to share your thoughts now, as I understand that you may still be busy, but if you could reply sometime in the next few weeks, that would be great.


Daniel L "

er......I'll have to give it some thought Dan and get back to you........

Today student government on VT Campus called on media people to leave, they say the students have appreciated the outpouring of support but are now very weary of having the Media's continued presence. The Sunday political programs continued to discuss the rights and wrongs of NBC's decision to broadcast some of the killers message........... The image above shows a Korean TV News operation filming the blood on the pavement outside Norris Hall the scene of the the worst of the shooting outrage.

Cheers Jez XX

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