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Previous | Next :: Secret Life Of Taxis #5 : 4AM off The West Side Highway : NYC | May 6, 2007, 1:14 am

Secret Life Of Taxis #5 : 4AM off The West Side Highway : NYC
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More from the 24 hour Taxi Garages as the guys work on the cabs in the small hours of night here in NYC on the West Side.

Hey Patty thanx for checking out the blog........ you are right about stuff that can simply go unnoticed and never considered by most people...... in fact one of the joys of being a photojournalist type is the permission you give yourself just to look closely at some of the stuff most people have never considered and then try and present it in a compelling way. I wrote this a while back as to part of a definition I use for myself of my work as a reportage artist:

"On a very human scale reportage photography finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. An eloquence in the everyday and a visual poignancy in the pushed aside."

Bob this calls for champagne darling......... oh I could weep


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