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Previous | Next :: Goodbye Gitmo? : US Guantanamo Bay Prison : Cuba | June 22, 2007, 11:59 am

Goodbye Gitmo? : US Guantanamo Bay Prison : Cuba
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Today The Associated Press had a report that predicted the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison would be announced today. It appears to be incorrect . Thats not to say the administration is not actively considering it. Guantanamo certainly appears to have outlived its usefulness and remains a constant embarrassment........ detention without trial in the defense of freedom....... a bit like........... 'it became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it' from the Vietnam era. I made this picture crossing the actual Guantanamo bay leaving the main prison facility in a military speed boat in falling darkness. Seeing the detention areas is depressing the cells the wire, the regime, all prisons have this effect on me. The people contained, especially those from Western countries picked up in Afghanistan were in my view almost certainly terrorists or fellow travelers with terror but what if they were not? The trouble with terrorists is that by their tactics they get free societies to act preemptively against the possible perpetration of 'acts of terror' because afterwards its too late...... the old FBI model of catch the criminal after the robbery is no longer appropriate....... you need to arrest them at the flying lessons stage. So then its never completely clear they really are disgusting murderous fanatics, they probably are, but maybe they just want to learn to fly ? I like this picture shot at Guantanamo it has poignancy for me, a version of 'The Stars and Stripes' that seems much less clearly defined. Even though the sign at the the prison gate reads "Honor Bound to Defend Freedom".

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